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2023: Volume 12, Issue 1

Research Article:  J Agri Allied Sci
Detection of Carcinogenic Dye Sudan I and Rhodamine B and Sulfur in Agriculture Field using Indigenous Raman Spectrometer
Pankaj Upadhyay, Pobbati Bhaskar, Ramesh Datla
Research Article:  RRJAAS
Studies on Correlation, Genetic Advance and Heritability for Seed Yield and its Contributing Traits of EMS Induced Blackgram (Vigna mungo L Hepper) Mutants in M3 Generation
Bhattu Rajesh Nayak, K Srinivas Naik, Raju Padiya, G Kumara Joshi, G Vijay Kumar
Research Article:   J Agri Allied Sci
The Role of Banking Sector in the Andhra Pradesh State on Agricultural Development
Sadhik S
Research Article:  J Agri Allied Sci
Environment and Organic Farming in Consumer Preferences and Agricultural Strategy in Morocco
Bennasseur Alaoui, Rachid Hamimaz*
Review Article:  J Agri Allied Sci
Composition, Cultivation and Medicinal Purpose of New Zealand Spinach
Megersso Imai*
Commentary:  J Agri Allied Sci
Medicinal Use of Chinese Chive and its Active Ingredients
Grammy Stomelton*
Perspective Article:  J Agri Allied Sci
A Historical Perspective of Agriculture Development Policies
Hamza Khan*
Review Article:  J Agri Allied Sci
A Review on Global Pesticide Use and Food Contamination: Africa perspective
Fagbohun Adebisi Akinyemi*, Dauda Mary Sunday, Toba Samuel Anjorin
Commentary:  J Agri Allied Sci
Conceptual Linkage between Agriculture, Nutrition and Health
Li Daan Yi*
Opinion Article:  J Agri Allied Sci
Horticulture Crops and their Beneficiary Routes in India
Aria Zayn*
Expert Review:  J Agri Allied Sci
Farmers and Researchers Involvement in Plant Breeding Development
Shawn Doja*
Opinion Article:  J Agri Allied Sci
Integrated Systems of Organic Farming and its Adaptation and Mitigation
Jonas Macane*
Commentary:  J Agri Allied Sci
Does Delayed Senescence Help in Increasing the Yield of Grain Crops?
Shin Taehyung*