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2015: Volume 4, Issue 3

Research Article:  Botanical Science
Taxonomy and Traditional Medicinal Uses of Apocynaceae (Dogbane) Family of Rajshahi District, Bangladesh
Mahbubur Rahman AHM, Mahfuza Akter
Research Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
An Assessment of Angiosperm Taxa at the Village Jamtala Under Sadar Upazila of Capai Nawabganj District, Bangladesh
Mahbubur Rahman AHM, Moriom Jamila
Review Article:  Botanical Science
The Role of Siderophores on Plants under Heavy Meal Stress: A View from the Rhizosphere
Mihiri Seneviratne and Meththika Vithanage
Editorial:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Root Associated Microorganisms-Friends or Enemies?
Marius Stefan, Gabriela Mihalache
Research Article:  Botanical Science
Analysis of Antioxidant Characteristics and Related Gene Expression Profiles of Rice Drought-Tolerance Lines Derived from Embryo-Soaking with Alternanthera philoxeroides DNA Solution
Yan Li, Jia Xiang, Yaqing Wang, Liyuan Zheng, Yawei Fan, Yunfeng Li, and Fangming Zhao
Research Article:  Botanical Science
Comparative Effects of Animal Manures and Mineral Fertilizer on Agronomic Parameters of Telfairia occidentalis on Luvisol in Lagos Southwestern Nigeria
Okubena-Dipeolu Esther, Olalusi Funmilayo and Ayeni Leye Samuel
Research Article:  Botanical Science
An Investigation of the Antioxidant Property of Carica papaya Leaf Extracts from Mizoram, Northeast India
Surajit De Mandal, R Lalmawizuala, M Vabeiryureilai, Nachimuthu Senthil Kumar and Esther Lalnunmawii*
Research Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Influences Oxidative Stress in Tomato Plants in Drought Stress
Pradeep Kumar Singh
Short Communication:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
QTL Mapping and Gene Cloning of Durable Resistance to Blast in Rice
Kazutoshi Okuno
Research Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Antioxidant Properties of a Dihydromyricetin-Rich Extract from Vine Tea (Ampelopsis grossedentata) in Menhaden Oil
N Baek AP, Nielson WN Eigel and SF O'Keefe
Review Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
-OH What? A Review of Mass Spectrometry Techniques for the Analysis of Phenolic Compounds
Kathyani Parasram
Short Communication:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Mexican Lupines, Legumes with a Nutritional and Pharmacological Potential Neglected
Luz del Carmen Lagunes-Espinoza
Short Communication:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Gymnopodium floribundum Trees (Polygonaceae) Harbour a Diverse Ectomycorrhyzal Fungal Community in the Tropical Deciduous Forest of Southeastern Mexico
Victor M Bandala and Leticia Montoya
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