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2017: Volume 6, Issue 2

Research Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Experimental Investigation into the Occurrence and Effects of Individual Parameters on THM Formation
Abbas S and Hashmi I
Review Article:  Journal of Chemistry
A Review on Formulation of Enzymatic Solution for Biopolymer Hydrolysis
Bala IA, Abdullahi MR, Bashir SS and Idris IM
Review Article:  Journal of Chemistry
A Review on Combinatorial Chemistry
Shaikh SM, Nalawade, Shete AS and Doijad RC
Review Article:  Journal of Chemistry
A Brief Review on Synthesis of β-amino Alcohols by Ring Opening of Epoxides
Bhagavathula DS, Boddeti G and Venu R
Research Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Maize Starch-g-poly(n-vinylimidazole) Synthesis and its Application in Sewage Water Treatment
Magdy W. Sabaa, Esraa H. Abdel Magid, Riham R. Mohamed
Research Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Theoretical Study and the Mechanism for the Berenil Reduction Reaction
Ferreira JV, Abreu FC, Pavão AC and Nascimento VB

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