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2022: Volume 7, Issue 2

Case Report:  J Clin Med Case Stud
Visceral Leishmaniasis in An Ethiopian Patient with COVID-19: A Case Report
Melaku Taye*, Dawit Kebede, Hiruy Araya, Nebiyu Getachew, Hiluf Abate, Asrat Hailu
Case Report:  J Clin Med Case Stud
A Case Report on Giant Thyroid Cyst with Critical Airway Compresion
Irene Grao Torrente*, F. Sánchez-Cabezudo, M.A. Vaquero, P. Maté, S. Nuñez, J.A Balsa, S. Novo, A.L. Picardo
Case Report:  J Clin Med Case Stud
Supralevator Abscess Presenting with Pneumoarthrosis and Retroperitoneal Air: A Case Report
Elisabeth Ekkel*, J.Hain
Case Report:  J Clin Med Case Stud
Combined Cervical Laceration and Bladder Rupture: A Case Report of an Unusual Complication of Precipitated Labor
Narges Ghasemi, Vahid Mehrnoush, Fatemeh Darsareh*, Malihe Shirzadfard Jahromi
Case Report:  J Clin Med Case Stud
A Rare Pathogen Comamonas Testosteroni: A Case Report and Review of The Literature
S. Gayenur Buyukberber*, Ipek Mumcuoglu, B.Orkun Ozbay, Adalet Aypak, Bedia Dinc
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