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2018: Volume 6, Issue 3

Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Generic Skill Extension Analysis of Dental Students Using the Prog Test-Development and Measurement and Evaluation of Generic Skills at the Time of Lower Grade Dentistry Education
Uchida Ryuji, Tsuzuki Takami, Kodama Jun, Maruta Mito, Okamoto Fujio, Kawaguchi Tomohiro, Oshiro Noumiko, Ishikawa Hiroyuki, Takahashi Yu
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Effect of EDTA on the Bovine Radical Dentine: An Integral Statistical Analysis in R Language
Alberto Marcial Manlla, Maria Mercedes Salas Lopez, Maria Macarena Puca Castronuevo, Maria Luisa De La Casa and Maria Elena Lopez
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Evaluation of Canine Retraction with Self Ligating Brackets Versus Conventional Edges wise Brackets – A Comparative In Vivo Study
Nilotpol Kashyap
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Endodontic Management of a Primary Double Tooth with Partial Anodontia of Permanent Dentition
Sneha G Tulsani and Saurabh S Patil
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Power of Ancient Ayurvedic Plants in Treating Periodontal Infections an Holistic Approach - A Review
Sanjeevini A Hattarki, Vibha R Hegde and Pushpa SP
Case Blog:  Dental Sciences
Study of Flexible and Rigid Removable Partial Prostheses Indications in Iraq
Ibrahim H Alfahdawi