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2018: Volume 7, Issue 3

Review Article:  JET
Review on Harmonic Domain Modeling of PV System for the Assessment of Grid Integration Impact
 Amandeep S Potdar1*, Anil A Tekale1, Pratik Ghutke1, and Disha A Potdar2
Research Article:  JET
Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Electrochemical Performance of In-situ Dual-Phase × Li4Ti5O12/(1-x) TiO2 Nano-Composites for Li-ion Batteries
 Aftab Asghar Chattha1*, Usman Asghar Chattha1, Muhammad Awais2 and Arif Mumtaz2
Research Article:  JET
Maximum Power Point Tracking of Wireless Power Transfer at Midrange Operation
 Tanbir Ibne Anowar*
Review Article:  JET
How to Calculate and Integrate a Cumulative Social Impact Index in Engineering Projects for more Sustainable Outcomes
 Andreea Ogrezeanu* and Anca Alexandra Purcarea
Research Article:  JET
Dynamic Spectrum Access through Cognitive Radio Technology: A Survey
 Salawu Habeebullahi Olajide*
Research Article:  JET
Technical Procedure for Assessment of Uncertainty for Determining the Characteristic Compression Resistance of Ceramic Elements for Masonry
 Indrit Vozga1* and Jorgaq Kacani2
Research Article:  JET
Effect of Water Quenching Temperatures on the Hardness of Al-4.5%Cu
 Iloabachie ICC*
Research Article:  JET
Investigating the Choline Chloride: Urea and Choline Chloride: Glycerol Deep Eutectic Solvents as Nanofluids Dispersants for Convective Heat Transfer
 Ghassan H. Abdullah1, Noor Albayati2 and Mohammed Kadhom3*