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2020: Volume 7, Issue 3

Short Communication:  JOMC
Chemical Recycling of Plastics
Jonny Goyal, IHS Markit, India
Short Communication:  JOMC
Cytomophorlogical Analysis of Urothelial Cells Among Cigarette Smokers
Ajileye, Ayodeji Blessing, 
Short Communication:  JOMC
Microwave Assisted Ethers Synthesis
 Kazemi M  Ilam University, Iran,
Short Communication:  JOMC
Emerging conjugated stretched with contacted helices of substituted polyacetylenes prepared with an organo-rhodium catalyst
 Masayoshi Tabata Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan
Short Communication:  JOMC
Devised Workflow for Shale Play Evaluation and Brittleness Index Calculation using Petrophysical Techniques
 Muhammad Hamza Sajid University of the Punjab
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