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Gregorio José Alcántara-Isidro

Managing Director, Friesian Federation of Castile, Leon, Spain


Gregorio José Alcántara-Isidro is awarded PhD in Veterinary from University of Leon in the year 1989. He received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the year 2004. He holds Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in Veterinary from the University of Leon in the year 1975. He is currently working as the Managing Director in Friesian Federation of Castile and Leon and Technical Director in genetical SC. He is also working as a National coordinator for official milk recording at National Confederation of Associations of the Friesian breed of Spain (CONAFE). He also successfully managed many reputed positions.

Research Interest

Gregorio José Alcántara-Isidro's research interests are event management, event planning, veterinary science, Dairing, Animal health and Veterinary Medicine.