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Research & Reviews: Journal of Veterinary Sciences : Citations & Metrics Report

image Lentiviral expression of rabies virus glycoprotein in the rat hippocampus strengthens synaptic plasticity
image The potential use of rabies virus glycoprotein-derived peptides to facilitate drug delivery into the central nervous system: a mini review
image Pelleted-hay alfalfa feed increases sheep wether weight gain and rumen bacterial richness over loose-hay alfalfa fee
image Evaluation of the effects of bidens tripartita extracts and their main constituents on intestinal motility – an ex vivo study
image Structure, gene expression, and putative functions of crustacean heat shock proteins in innate immunity.
image Deep transcriptome analysis of the heat shock response in an atlantic sturgeon (acipenser oxyrinchus) cell line.
image Immunodetection of heat shock protein 70 and cell death in liver of a neotropical fish acutely and chronically exposed to acetaminophen and propranolol
image Nutritional, behavioral and performance parameters of f1 holstein x zebu cows at different lactation stages.
image Incidence, clinical patterns, and risk factors of postpartum uterine diseases in dairy cows from high-altitude tropical herds.
image Nutritional efficiency of feed-restricted f1 holstein/zebu cows in early lactation
image Dairy cow body conditions scoring system based on image geometric properties
image The effect of carprofen treatment on conception rate after insemination in cows with increased days in milk
image The effect of carprofen treatment on conception rate after insemination in cows with increased days in milk
image Effects of non-medicated and medicated urea molasses multinutrient blocks on dry matter intake, growth performance,body condition score and feed conversion ratio of saanen lactating does fed conventional diets
image Nitrogen and protein parameters
image Regulation of signaling protein function and trafficking by the hsp90/hsp70-based chaperone machinery.
image Association of heat stress protein 90 and 70 gene polymorphism with adaptability traits in indian sheep (ovis aries).
image Thermotolerance in domestic ruminants: a hsp70 perspective
image Behavioural, physiological, neuro-endocrine and molecular responses of cattle against heat stress: an updated review
image Proteus mirabilis causing cellulitis in broiler chickens
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