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Articles in press and Articles in process

Research Article:  RRJVS
Assessment of Body Condition Scores of Holstein Friesian Crossbred Cows Based on Deep Learning
Shriramulu*, Heartwin A. Pushpadass, Magdaline Eljeeva Emerald Franklin, Manimala Kanagaraj, Jeyakumar Sakthivel, Sivaram Muniandy, Ramesha P. Kerekoppa
Editorial:  Res Rev J Vet Sci
The Value of Comparative Hemorheological Studies
Ursula Windberger
Research Article:   Res Rev J Vet Sci
Investigation on Major Cause of Organ Condemnation and its Economic Significance in Cattle Slaughtered in Chiro Municipal Abattoir, Ethiopia
Bayan Ahmed
Review Article:   J Vet Sci.
Reproductive System Abnormalities Accompanied by Environmental Factors Alterations in Rat Model
Muhammad Aslam*, Mubashir Abbas
Mini Review:   J Vet Sci.
Therapeutic Exercise Strategies for Topline Dysfunction in Horses
Tena Ursini*
Commentary:  JVS
A Brief Note on Animal Husbandry
Galeano Andrew*
Commentary:  JVS
A Short Note on Veterinary Anesthesia
Lewin Connor*
Commentary:  JVS
A Short Note on Small Prairie Chickens
Ching Inanan*
Editor Note:  RRJVS
Short Note on Cattle breeding
Fuster Barbara*
Commentary:  RRJVS
Future Trends of Molecular Diagnostics in Clinical Bacteriology
Chin Michael*