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Richard Reading

Director, Conservation Biology, Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver, USA.


Richard Reading is the founder and director of Denver Zoo's Department of Conservation Biology, and works on interdisciplinary techniques. His areas of interest include grasslands conservation, endangered species conservation, species reintroductions, values and attitudes toward wildlife and conservation, and improving policy approaches to conservation. He awarded Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology from Yale University in the year 1993, Master's degrees in Environmental Studies, Wildlife Ecology, and Philosophy from Yale University followed by B.Sc., Trinity College, Hartford. He has worked in Mongolia since 1994 on a variety of Earthwatch conservation projects, and will occasionally be present on expeditions teams.

Reading has conducted research or consulted on conservation projects in several countries on 5 continents, primarily the Great Plains of the U.S. and the Gobi Desert of Mongolia over the past decade or so. A major focus of Rich's research has been on developing interdisciplinary approaches to conservation.

Research Interest

Reading's research focuses on native Mongolian ungulates, specifically Bactrian Camels and Argali Sheep. He is also heavily involved in the conservation of Black-tailed prairie the conservation of Black-tailed prairie dogs.