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A.M. Mathai

A.M. Mathai

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University



A.M. Mathai is a Emeritus Professor (Full Professor) of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Director, Centre for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Kerala, India, President of the Indian Mathematical Society and Chairman of the Kerala State Statistical Commission.Dr A.M. Mathai was honored by several institutions and national societies in India and thrice by the United Nations, once in Tokyo, Japan, once in Daejon, Korea and once in Quito, Ecuador and he gave keynote addresses also. Google’s scholar citations provide over 40 pages of materials on A.M.Mathai including one of the top ratings in the world in the areas of Applied Analysis, Special Functions, Functions of Matrix Argument, Statistical Distributions, Geometrical Probabilities, Multivariate Analysis etc Research Gate score is currently 35.22 and increasing.


Research Interest

1. Mathematical Statistics (Statistical distribution theory, multivariate analysis, characterizations, order statistics, computational aspects (theory and numerical tables), quadratic forms, bilinear forms, matrix-variate distributions (real and complex cases), over 100 papers and several books.
2. Applied Statistics (Design of experiments, demography, population models, social statistics)
3. Probability (Geometrical probability (several), Probability (several), queuing theory (only one paper), optimization (only one paper), transportation problems (two papers))
4. Astrophysics (Reaction rates, energy generation, gravitational instability, stellar models, neutrino problems, reaction-diffusion problems, all papers with the physicist co-author H.J. Haubold and the latest ones on fractional calculus with H.J. Haubold and R.K. Saxena, 2000-2013, over 100 papers and one book and chapters in four other books)
5.  Information Theory (Characterization of Information Measures, applications)
6. Mathematics (Generalized hypergeometric functions, G and H-functions (over 50 papers and 4 books), functions of matrix argument (many papers and books), graph theory (only two to three papers), functional equations (applications), integral equations, differential equations (two papers only), statistical techniques applied to mathematics, fractional calculus (many papers))