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Alice Khachian

Alice Khachian

Alice Khachian
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing & Midwifery



She completed her undergraduate and master studies in nursing at the Esfahan University of Medical Sciences as Medical Surgical Nursing instructor. She has been involved in nursing education since 1997 in Iran University of Medical Sciences as faculty member and in 2012 holds a PhD of nursing education. Her professional activities are based on Clinical education, orthopedic nursing, Nursing education and Management. She is also: Member of academic consultant committee, Member of Nursing Organization of Iran as scientific consultant, Editor of “AVEDIS” public health education magazine (in Armenian language), Member of Iranian Cardiac Nurse Society, Member of Avedisian clinic management board since 2002-2010, Member of Armenian schools educational consultant board since 2006.She has many other activities related to her profession as teaching in workshops and short courses as: Qualitative and quantitative research methods, Pain, Nursing interventions, Reporting, Physical examination as nurse and so on. She served as a nursing director managing nursing research, staff development, case management and advanced practice nursing for Tehran hospitals. She has several books, articles and lectures which you can see in her CV.


Research Interest

Clinical education
Orthopedic nursing
Nursing education
Quality of life
Qualitative and quantitative research methods
Nursing interventions reporting
Educational Management