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Bashiru I.I. Saeed

Bashiru I.I. Saeed

Bashiru I.I. Saeed

Senior lecturer
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Kumasi Polytechnic




Ph.D. (Applied Statistics) – 2013, Jiangsu University, China, M.Sc. (Mathematics), 2009, KNUST, Ghana, B.Sc. (Mathematics), 2003, KNUST, Ghana, HND (Statistics), Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana, Teacher’s Certificate “A” E.P. Training College, Structural Equation Model and R software by Geoffrey Hubona, Georgia State University,2013, Certificate (Basic R for Epidemiology, Regression Analysis and Advance Epidemiology Methods) – 2008, King of Songkla University, Thailand. Certificate (Analysis of Longitudinal Data uses R: Exploration and graphical display, Area under curve (AUC), Individual growth rates, Handling of missing records, Modelling (marginal models, random effects models, transition models). 2009, King of Songkla University, Thailand. Course Completed (Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation, The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, The Greenhouse Effect and the Earth's Atmosphere, Earth's Climate: Past and Present, The Major Consideration: Generation of Power, The Economics of Climate Change, Mitigation Policy and External Costs, Challenges for Mitigation and Adaptation ), 2013, University of Melbourne, Australia.Data Analysis: The Analysis Factor Webinar, 2012


Research Interest

Statistical Forecasting, Data Analysis & Modeling, Statistical Capacity Development: Areas of application - Socioeconomic and Demographic phenomena