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Daniel Lowy

Daniel Lowy


Daniel Lowy
Adjunct Associate Professor
NOVA University
Alexandria Virginia




Daniel Lowy is currently working as Sr. Scientist at Flexel, LLC in college Park, MD, Washington D.C., USA.He has extensive experience in most topics related to electrochemistry, including electroorganic synthesis (electroreduction of activated olefins and of carbon dioxide), electroanalytical chemistry (ion-selective electrodes for surfactants and miniaturized reference electrodes to be used in corrosive aqueous solutions, or in aqueous-organic and organic media), microbial fuel cells, sea water batteries, nanotechnologies (including galvanic cells based on phospholipid vesicles and the quantized charging of gold nanoclusters), surface modification (with self-assembled monolayers and via layer-by-layer deposition), and galvanic cells operating with aqueous electrolytes. He has published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 2 science books on nano-electrochemistry, and 10 chapters in edited electrochemistry textbooks. In addition, he co-authored 7 awarded patents (five Romanian and two U.S. patents).


Research Interest

Electrochemistry, Electroanalytical chemistry, Microbial fuel cells, Sea water batteries, Nanotechnologies, Surface modification and galvanic cells operating with aqueous electrolytes.