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Dr. Roberto Guglielmo Citarella

Dr. Roberto Guglielmo Citarella

Dr. Roberto Guglielmo

Citarella University of Salerno




Roberto Guglielmo Citarella born in Milan on February the 2nd 1969. Received the Laurea degree "summa cum laude" in 1994 in Mechanical Engineering and the Ph.D. in “Design and Construction of Machines” in 1999, both at University of Naples “Federico II”. In 1996 received the diploma for a master in Business Administration (MBA) at the school “Stoà” in Naples. Since January the 3rd 2005 is Assistant Professor of "Construction of Machines" in the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIN) at the University of Salerno. He was Visiting Researcher at the Wessex Institute of Technology (in 1996), Southampton (UK) and at the Queen Mary and Westfield College (in 1998 and 2000) in London (UK). He was member of: International Scientific Advisory Committee for the international conference “Fatigue Damage of Materials 2003”, Referee group for the first european call FP7 Transport-Aeronautics, organisation commettee for the international conference BeTeq 2007. He is Fellow of Wessex Institute of Technology. His main topics of research are: BEM, Vibrational Acoustics, Bioengineering, Fracture Mechanics, Thermomechanical Fatigue. He has published nearly 90 technical papers on international journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. He serves as reviewer for several international journals and participated in the scientific commettee of several international conferences. He is in the editorial board of the journals "Advances in Engineering Software" and "The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal".


Research Interest

Deterministic and stochastic fracture mechanics. Contact problems in elastostatics. FEM-BEM coupled approach. Structural optimisation: Taguchi method. Vibrational-acoustic. Bioengineering.