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Eduardo José Caldeira

Eduardo José Caldeira

Executive Editor
Eduardo José Caldeira

Department of Morphology and Basic Pathology
Faculty of Medicine of Jundiaí
Jundiaí, São Paulo



Eduardo José Caldeira was graduated in Odontologist (1997), Master's Degree in Cell Biology (2003) from State University of Campinas, DDS in Cell Biology (2006) and also awarded PhD from The Center for the Study of Venoms and Venomous Animals in 2010. He has 17 years teaching Experience for under-graduate and post-graduate students; 87 International Publications and Presentations; 32 Papers; 54 Lectures and Posters. He awarded as Development of the Faculty of Medicine of Jundiaí, Faculty of Medicine of Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brazil and Votes of Congratulations by Advances in Scientific Research, Town Council of Jundiaí.


Research Interest

Experimental Diabetes, Cell and Molecular Biology, Medicine, Hormonal Therapy, New Drugs, Immunomodulation Therapy, Pharmacology