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Emanuel Guariglia

Emanuel Guariglia

Emanuel Guariglia

PhD researcher & assistant Professor of Mathematics, Physics ,
University of Salerno,




Emanuel Guariglia is a PhD researcher of Mathematics, Physics and Applications in University of Salerno (Italy) and assistant Professor of Mathematics in the same University. He was graduated (2013) in Telecommunications Engineering (M.Eng., Master of Engineering, 5 years duration program). During his studies, he strongly improved his mathematical knowledge and, in order to achieve the main scopes of his master thesis, he specifically studied Fractals, Wavelets and Analytical Number Theory. From January 2014 to present, he started his PhD studies by investigating the previous mathematical topics, thus starting to set some new connections with prime numbers. His main skills and background were deeply rooted in Advanced Electromagnetics, where fractals and wavelets are often used as expedient tools of investigation. His studies were collected in his final B.S. and M.S. theses: the first one about Fractal Antennas, the second one about a Wavelet Approach in Electromagnetic Problems.


Research Interest

Fractal Geometry, Advanced Statistics, Queueing Theory, Statistical Signal Processing, Wavelet Analysis, Mathematical Modeling ,Integral Transforms Fractional Calculus, Analityc Number Theory, Signals Theory, Dynamical Systems, Electromagnetics and Antennas Theory, Finite Fields, Cryptography and Coding Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Functional Analysis, Mathematical Optics, Discrete Mathematics, Fourier Analysis, Automata Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Theory of relativity, Fluid Dynamics