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Gdula-Argasińska Joanna Ewa

Gdula-Argasińska Joanna Ewa

Editorial Board Member
Gdula-Argasinska Joanna Ewa
Assistant professor
Department of Radioligands
Jagiellonian University Medical College



Gdula-Argasinska Joanna Ewa completed her BSc (environmental protection - environmental chemistry) in1993, MSc (environmental protection - environmental biology) in 1998 and also awarded Ph.D (biology, ecology and ecotoxicology) Jagiellonian University in 2003. Supervised 14 MSc students, 1 BSc student, Faculty of Pharmacy Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland and also supervised 6 BSc students, Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University. Presently working as Assistant professor in Department of Radioligands, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jagiellonian University Medical College since, October 2011.


Research Interest

Lipids, fatty acids, inflammation, environmental stress, cancer, lipids signaling, regulation of genes expression, lipidomics, eicosanoids, endocannabinoids, pro-resolving mediators, natural products.