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Halmuthur.M.Sampath Kumar

Halmuthur.M.Sampath Kumar

Halmuthur.M.Sampath Kumar
Vaccine Immunology Laboratory
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology



Halmuthur.M.Sampath Kumar, Medicinal Chemist and Immunologist, graduated from chemistry department Gulbarga University, India securing first rank and a gold medal in 1986. After a brief stint in a leading pharmaceutical Industry based in south India, he joined Regional research Laboratory, Hyderabad as research officer in 1988, where he worked on Biomimetic chemistry and obtained his Ph.D degree in the year 1995. He later worked on various aspects of agrochemical and pharmaceutical technology development at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad. During this period , Dr. Kumar acquired extensive training and skills in combinatorial Chemistry and development of new synthetic methods, organometallic chemistry, green chemistry and synthesis of complex carbogenic molecules. His work in the afore mentioned areas led to several publications in reputed international journals and his efforts in basic and applied areas of organic synthesis won him several awards and recognitions. He later moved to Max Planck Institute for Molecular physiology at Dortmund in the year 2000 as Alexander von Humboldt Fellow to work in Prof . Waldmann’s laboratory in the area of gene therapy till 2002. He continued working in IICT-Hyderabad till 2003 and relocated to Regional Research Laboratory-Jammu. He had been the chairman of the Department of Synthetic and Biological Chemistry(presently rechristened as Medicinal Chemistry) at IIIM-Jammu dedicated to medicinal Chemistry research. Currently Dr .Kumar is the nodal scientist for the Vaccine immunology programme at CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad, where his focus is on the development of novel vaccine/drug delivery vehicles, vaccine(Th1) adjuvants, small molecule immunomodulators based on natural product scaffolds. His team was instrumental in developing cost effective technology for several drugs and agrochemicals which are successfully commercialized in India and abroad. Dr. Kumar successfully completed collaborative projects with various reputed multinationals like P&G and Colgate Palmolive in the area of cosmeceuticals and oral care products. Dr. Halmuthur Kumar has published 106 research papers in various international journals of repute and patented his inventions. He is serving a editorial board members for many international journals.


Research Interest

Organic Synthesis: • Development of novel nanoparticle, nano capsule and nano emulsion based vaccine and drug delivery systems. • Development of Novel Th1 adjuvants for subunit vaccines based on Pathogen associated molecular patterns • Target based drug design. Structural modifications of natural products as a means of new lead discovery and synthesis of focused libraries of target interactive ligands based on natural products scaffolds • Bio-conjugate chemistry- Anticancer, anti-infective hybrid molecules. • Development of wholly synthetic vaccines based on tumor/microbial associated glycopeptide antigens, antigen epitopes. • Solid phase synthesis of carrier peptide-conjugates and their application in plant secondary metabolic engineering and gene therapy. • Total synthesis of complex carbogenic molecules and development of new synthetic methods. Novel combinatorial methodologies.