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Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutics and Nanotechnology : Citations & Metrics Report
image Flexible push pneumatic actuator with high elongation
image Nanosystems of plant-based pigments and its relationship with oxidative stress.
image nanoforensics – dwarf detectives: a brief review
image A review on the role of emerging revolutionary nanotechnology in forensic investigations
image Value roadmap development for healthcare industry
image determining the glycaemic responses of foods: conventional and emerging approaches.
image Valuable bioproducts obtained from microalgal biomass and their commercial applications: a review
image A comprehensive review of the nutraceutical and therapeutic applications of red seaweeds (rhodophyta).
image The potential of cryptophyte algae in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications
image Chemically diverse and biologically active secondary metabolites from marine phylum chlorophyta
image Extraction, isolation of active principles, anti-bacterial and wound healing activity of the marine algal species oedogonium globosum and oedogonium intermedium
image The effects of solid and liquid lipids on the physicochemical properties of nanostructured lipid carriers.
image Nanostructured lipid carriers: a review
image An insight to nanostructured lipid carrier system
image Mussel-inspired deposition of ag nanoparticles on dopamine-modified cotton fabric and analysis of its functional, mechanical and dyeing properties
image Nanoinformatics and biomolecular nanomodeling: a novel move en route for effective cancer treatment.
image Magnetic nano-Сomposites and their industrial applications
image Magnetic nano-Сomposites and their industrial applications
image Application of failure mode effect analysis in wurster-based pelletization technology: a technical note.
image Protein glycosylation in extracellular vesicles: structural characterization and biological functions
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