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Articles in press and Articles in process

Short Communication:  JPN
Friedel-crafts alkylation on mesoporous W-Zr composite oxide catalysts prepared by a wall ionexchange method
 Masakazu Iwamoto, Masashi Tanaka, Insuhk Suh, Kohei Kabeya and Haruro Ishitani 
Review Article:  RRJPN
Circular Economy for Textiles as Engrained in the Traditional Indian Life
Anupriya Aggarwal
Research Article:  RRJPN
Analytical Method Development and Validation of Azelnipidine and Telmisartan by RP HPLC Method
Vangallu Spandana*, Siddartha
Research Article:  JPN
Formulation and Evaluation of Mefenamic acid Niosomal Gel
N Shirisha*, Fazal UI Haq S
Editorial:  Res Rev J Pharma Nanotech
A Brief Note on Nanomedicine
Emily Maekawa
Research Article:  J Pharm Nanotechnol
Enhancement of Dissolution Rate and Bioavailability of Losartan by Self Micro Emulsifying Drug Delivery System: In-Vitro and In-Vivo Evaluation
Salunke Vaibhav
Review Article:  Res Rev J Pharma Nanotech
Review on Novel Herbal Drug Delivery System
Amol Pore, Sanjay Bais, Roshan Navanath Galave
Review Article:  RRJ Pharm Nanotechnol
Unleashing the Therapeutic Applications of Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery Systems
 Sheetal Budhiraja*, Sheza Zaidi
Research Article:  RRJ Pharm Nano
Application of Tailored Nanofiltration Membranes for Removal of IBP, NPR and DCF from Wastewater Effluents
 Ambareen Atisha*, Mark Bernards, Ernest K Yanful, Wojciech Kujawski