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Malik Bataineh

Malik Bataineh

Malik Bataineh
Associate Professor of pure Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Jordan University of Science and Technology



B.S.C. in Mathematics, Andhera University, visakhapatnam/India, 1996 (Major: Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science), B.A. in Mathematics, University of Iowa, Iowa City/Iowa, USA, December, 2001 (Major: Mathematics), M.S. in Pure Mathematics, University of Iowa, Iowa City/Iowa, USA, May 2003 and Ph.D. in Mathematics, Abstract Algebra, University of Iowa, Iowa City/Iowa, USA, July, 2006 . My Doctoral Dissertation: "Generalizations of Prime Ideals" and Doctoral Advisor: Professor D. D. Anderson , University of Iowa.


Research Interest

The field of Algebra which is an integral area in Mathematics. More precisely, I have focused on Classifying all rings for which every proper ideal is an almost prime ideal with examples. My PhD thesis carried the title "Generalizations of Prime Ideals." The fruit of this research concluded by finishing research paper which is published in communication algebra. Also developing other algebraic structures in graph theory that are isomorphic to ring structures.