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Nélio Henderson

Nélio Henderson

Nélio Henderson

Associate Professor
Polytechnic Institute of Rio de Janeiro State University

E-mail:[email protected]



Dr. Nélio Henderson is an Associate Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Rio de Janeiro State University (known as IPRJ-UERJ), Brazil, and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, in 1993. He was deputy director of IPRJ-UERJ and co-founder of the PhD program of this Institute. Dr. Henderson has authored more than 30 papers in renowned international journals and is a researcher with Productivity Grants from the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq).


Research Interest

Numerical analysis, Global optimization, Lagranian methods for partial differential equations, Physical chemistry and thermodynamics of hydrocarbons, Modeling and computation of multiphase-multicomponent equilibrium phenomena, Flows in porous media.