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Omar Kihel

Omar Kihel

Omar Kihel

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Brock University

E-mail:[email protected]



Dr Omar Kihel is a Professor at Brock University in the department of Mathematics and Statistics. He works in Number Theory and Algebra. His research interests include index of a number field, Diophantine equations, elliptic curves, permutation polynomials over finite fields and Cryptography. He has published many research papers in Journal of Number Theory, Acta Arithmetica, International Journal of Number Theory, Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux and other prestigious Journals. His work is presented in international conferences every year. He organized many international conferences and has been in the scientific and organizing committee for many other conferences. He is in the editorial board of a few mathematical journals. He got some awards and distinctions like Fellow of the PNG mathematical society. He is currently working on making a connection between the index of integral elements in a number field and permutations polynomials over finite fields. He supervise graduate students in North America, Europe and Africa.


Research Interest

Number Theory, Algebra, Diophantine equations, Elliptic curves, Permutation Polynomials over finite Fields and Units in Number Fields.

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