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Orlando Gomes

Orlando Gomes

Orlando Gomes

Lisbon School of Accounting and Administration
Av. Miguel Bombarda, no 20, 1069-035 Lisbon
Tel. 351-933420915

E-mail:[email protected]



Orlando Gomes is professor of Economics at the Lisbon Accounting and Business School of the Lisbon Polytechnic Instutute (LABS-IPL) and a researcher at the Business Research Unit of the Lisbon University Institute (BRU-IUL). He has published more than one hundred scientific works, including articles in international scientific journals, books and book chapters, with research interests ranging from individual decision-making and behavioral economics to public policy evaluation, business cycles, international trade and economic growth. Some of the journals in which Orlando Gomes has published his research include Chaos, Solitons and Fractals; Computational Economics; Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society; Economic Modelling; Economics Bulletin; Economics Letters; Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination; Journal of Economic Studies; Journal of Economic Surveys; Journal of Economics; Journal of Evolutionary Economics; Journal of Socio-Economics; Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology and Life Sciences; Physica A; Research in Economics; Structural Change and Economic Dynamics; Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics.


Research Interest

Main research interests cover the areas of macroeconomics and related fields: economic policy, (especially monetary policy), economic growth, business cycles, international trade, international finance, labor market dynamics. In a more instrumental perspective, research interests are also related to the study of agents’ behavior, namely in contexts of heterogeneity and complexity. At this level, the following topics are relevant: dynamic analysis (applications on difference equations), nonlinear dynamics and chaos, and complex systems.

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