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S. V. Amitha Charu Rama Mithra

S. V. Amitha Charu Rama Mithra

S.V.Amitha Charu Rama Mithra


NRC on Plant Biotechnology,

Indian Council of Agricultural Research,

New Delhi.



S. V. Amitha Charu Rama Mithra is a scientist on plant Biotechnology in Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. she completed her Ph. D from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi in Genetics (Plant breeding) from 1999-2003 with OGPA 3.87/4. Worked in the area of Early generation selection in Brassica juncea for productivity enhancement through indirect multi-trait selection using both morphological and isozyme markers through variance and regression based approaches for both M. Sc and Ph. D. she also trainer for Infinium, Golden Gate and Bead express training from Illumina, Inc: 18-21 April, 2011 and 13/06/2011. Trained in GBS analysis workflow for mapping applications between 01st Dec 2014 to 02nd Dec 2014 by Premas Biotech supported by Illumina Inc. she also contributed her great work Identified and characterized a drought tolerant mutant and in the process of mapping it (in press in AoB plants). Part of the team on decoding wheat genome from NRCPB which is a partner in International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC). she was honoured with Award from ICAR JRF in 1997 (Rank II) Award from IARI SRF in 1999 (Rank I) Award from CSIR-UGC NET and JRF in 2001 (Rank <25) Award from ICAR NET in 2001 Awarded Pioneer Batch Medal for the highest OGPA in Final year B.Sc (Agriculture) in 1997


Research Interest

Genomics and Molecular markers in crop plants