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Shitao Huo

Shitao Huo

Shitao Huo


Department of Political Science

University of Wisconsin


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Shitao Huo is currently teaching Political Science at University of Wisconsin – BSC. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, both M.A. and B.A. in International Politics from top ranked Fudan University, Shanghai, China. His recent work on the transforming public policy making in China is being completed, and expected to be published in 2013. Dr. Huo is the author of numerous articles and chapters published in both USA and China. These published works cover extensive topics and areas including issues in contemporary Chinese politics, regional disparities in China since the 1980s, politics of ethnicity, foreign policies in Western European countries, Swedish Social Democratic Party, political system in developing nations, etc. by the publishers such as China Quarterly, Westview, Edwin Mellen, Chinese Social Science Institute. His most recent research focuses on cognitive traps and international relations.Dr. Huo also serves for the State of Wisconsin as an advanced budget and policy analyst.


Research Interest

Regime transition, public policy, comparative government,game theory, theories of international relations, IPE, foreign policy studies