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Suwas Krishna Nikumb

Suwas Krishna Nikumb

Suwas Nikumb
Senior Research Officer
Specialty Coatings and Microfabrication
National Research Council



Dr. Suwas Nikumb received Ph. D. in Laser Physics from Pune University, India in 1980. He is currently a Senior Research Officer at the National Research Council, in London, Ontario Canada. His research background is laser micromachining using short pulse, diode-pumped solid-state lasers and their applications to micro devices and products. He is leading projects on laser texturing materials, laser polishing, superhydrophobic & Super hydrophilic and other functional surfaces, micro fabricated devices, sensors design & fabrication and laser joining of materials. He has published over 236 papers, technical reports and book chapters, and is co-inventor on 12 US/Canadian patents. He has been collaborating with industries, universities, academic institutions nationally and internationally. His research has already resulted in the formation of two new companies, Capital Laser Inc. and Medtrode Inc. in Canada. Dr. Nikumb has received several NRC awards including NRC’s Outstanding Research Achievement award, NRC-NSC Eminent Researcher and the Federal Partners of Technology Transfer (FPTT) award. Since 1995 he is appointed as an Adjunct Research Professor at the Department of Mechanical & Materials engineering as well as a member of the graduate research committee of the University of Western Ontario, Canada.


Research Interest

Laser technology, Microfabrication, Laser micromachining, Nano-micro Sensors, Ultrafast laser material processing, Nanomanufacturing, Opto-electronic and Photonic devices, Graphene based flexible devices, Laser texturing of materials for tribological, esthetic and multi-functional surfaces and their applications to manufacturing sectors.