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Abbas Ay Taher

Abbas Ay Taher

Abbas Ay Taher
Department of OMF Surgery
Dean of Faculty of Dentistry
University of Kufa



An exceptionally driven, award winning and globally published Professor with a wealth of knowledge within medical and dental arenas. A professional with extensive senior management experience, having held key roles including Visiting Surgeon, Consultant, Professor and Honorary Research Fellow. An individual who has achieved numerous successes through a vast career to date including the effective supervision of postgraduate students in hospital and crisis management. A comprehensive knowledge across education, healthcare and management and the leadership strengths that would enhance any forward thinking organisation.  Clinical Skills & Experience- Vast experience in all aspects of Oral & Cranio- Maxillo-Facial Surgery as well as head and neck pain management. Having performed more than 15,000 surgical procedures across an International platform  Teaching Skills & Experience - Expertise within the teaching and mentoring of Medical/ Dental/ Nursing students within Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, United Kingdom and United States of America. Teaching different fields of Oral and Cranio-Maxilliofacial surgery, methods of pain management, health care & crisis management 3  Administration and Management Skills &Experience- Utilises more than 36 years’ experience in Administration departments and staff management across a Global platform.


Research Interest

Oral and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

Health Management