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Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar

Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar

Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar
Faculty of Specific Education
Kafrelsheikh University



ELSAYED AHMED ELNASHAR, Full-Professor of textiles Apparel, Kaferelsheikh University, Egypt. Born in 19 /8/1965. Have Ph.D. 2000, Msc.1995, Bsc.1989, Helwan University. Diploma1985advanced industrial textiles institute. He holds several academic administrative positions: Dean, Vice Dean, Head of Department, He has many textiles patents, Member of international scientific committees. Development of Faculties of Education, commissioned of Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. Has design books published in Germany. Has published over 170 scientific Articles. Editorial board member & Reviewer for more 40 journal Founder and editor two scientific journals. And Smartex Conference Egypt. Member of the editorial board of several international journals and conferences, He has made many scientific agreements with European &Africa universities


Research Interest

LASER-JET TECHNOLOGY ON WEAVING MACHINE Antimicrobial Throw Volume Porosity Membrane Technology for Filtrations: Water/Wastewater, Air Conditions, Cement Factory, Gas And Petroleum Solar textiles (SOLATEX) of composite fabrics structures as alternative energy. Functional Nano biodegradable Computational Mathematics Fluid Mechanics Composites fabrics structures -Automotive of - Composites fabrics structures so airbags systems Energy Effective Method of Modeling and Manufacturing MULTISTITCHED 3D NANO COMPOSITE Composites made of multilayered Nanoart, and Nanotechnology in textiles and apparel branch. improved simulating fitting cloth model of apparel surfaces. the influence of the bulky woven fabrics on thermal insulation properties of clothing. Design curtains fringe and passementerie strips of lace design elements in current high fashion. Representative volume of design elements and mathematical of pile and velvets woven fabrics. Volume porosity and permeability in fabrics. Porosity and permeability in multi-layer woven fabrics. The influence of weave and the method of stitching on some mechanical properties of woven double fabrics. Effect the design and materials of eyes swathe dressing and diapers clothes for infant’s incubator. The effective of some difference between the methods of the embroidery on some performance properties to the clothing product. The effective of some difference structures on quality of pilling cloth Effect of some different care systems process on dyeing cotton fabrics Effect of some fabric constructional on comfort and the aesthetic properties for kid clothes Using remote sensing technology for monitoring of chemical pollutions and bioremediation of chemical -contaminated water Automatic pattern unwrapping technology Energy saving and improving stretch properties Spring-mass based modeling for fabrics physics to 3D garment Cloth design and application Clothing simulation and animation Body shape analysis of Hispanic women Tires and rubber industry