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Ecological Need for Future Environmental Concerns

M Prashanthi Devi*

Department of Environmental Management, Bharathidasan University

*Corresponding Author:
M Prashanthi Devi
Department of Environmental Management
Bharathidasan University
Tel: +91.431.2407071
Fax +91.431.2407045/2407050
E-mail: [email protected]

Received: 31 March 2015 Accepted: 31 March 2015

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As every flower is a soul blossoming in nature so as every journal is in research. I strongly opine that ‘The Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences’ will be one of the top ranked science journals in the future providing ecstasy to its appropriate readers with the research and reviews published.

The double ‘E’ formula of science, Ecology and Environmental sciences deals with various sub-disciplines. Therefore this journal has a wide scope publishing research articles and reviews from pure and applied ecology like subject matter or approaches or techniques or concepts in conservation biology, ecosystem restoration, habitat management, Invasive species management, restoration ecology. In addition to these primary interests, the journal also pulls its readership and author’s attention towards environmental pollution, conservation resource management, sustainable development, evolutionary biology, industrial waste management, landfill, municipal waste, solid waste management and technology. The preference given to articles with concise and clear documentation appeals the readership and saves author’s valuable time in drafting the manuscripts. It is worth to mention that the existing publications in the journal were from various countries like Nigeria, Turkey, Pakistan and India.

The present scenario of increasing human dominance of global systems is an alarming indication for new ideas to be tested and presented in ecology. By comprehending these observations, the ability to adapt to changes in ecosystems and environments are to be created for future challenges. Every person needs to be a part of environmental management as how ‘No to plastic’ has begun. The science of ecology and environment study plays a crucial role for the transformational adaptations required in the near future for the existence of all life forms. As this discipline is much closer to exploring life and its relations with the environments, more young researchers are expected to work in these disciplines which can help in opening up new frontiers in ecological research. Above all, it is crystal clear that ecologists believe to think of interdisciplinary study, both in terms of research and implementation. This field of research was and will be a ‘Natural Home’ for many brightest and most experienced minds. The unconditional involvement of Non-profit organizations, research institutes and universities, conservation agencies, university and colleges towards ecology was notable and is creating career paths for the deserved. The need to know the emerging issues in ecology and its related environment and work across interdisciplinary boundaries will be an everlasting process to make the earth a better place for life. Hence, the effort behind the birth of the Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences is outstanding. This would certainly be a part of growing research and developments in Ecology.

It is an important and life measure of this journal that its manuscripts are reviewed by the best researchers in specific disciplines. This quarterly published journal with electronic and print versions is user friendly for the authors. Open access option provides for an unrestricted right to use on numerous online databases which helps in communicating better and faster to the world. The website provides all minute details, even for any young researcher to present his worthy work to current research in ecology and environmental sciences. The journal with its mark in the social and professional media links researchers and help in knowledge gaining process from convenient places. It is an overall continuing effort by the team to contribute the best in science. I am glad and proud to be associated with this journal and render my services to the best of my abilities.

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