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Emergence of the Marine Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management: A New Approach

Mounika Sathelli*

 Department of Pharmacy, St. Mary’s College of Pharmacy, JNTUH, Secunderabad, India

*Corresponding Author:
Mounika Sathelli
Department of Pharmacy, St. Mary’s College of Pharmacy
JNTUH, Secunderabad, 500025, India
Tel: 9290047283
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: 30-01-2015 Revised date: 19-02-2015 Accepted date: 25-02-2015


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In this article the author tries to convey about the scope and governance of the marine spatial planning (MSP) and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) between land and sea environment [1]. Marine spatial planning involves the process of multiple usage of the ocean which mainly includes the energy, industry, recreation, conservation, government [2]. Countries like Germany, US, Belgium, US are making several efforts for the rapid growth of the MSP [3]. The author has not focused mostly on the Integrated Coastal Zone Management, only described bout the approach of MSP. The coastal zone management act was passed in the year 1972, which shows the common and a continued structure for the enhancement and growth of the coastal areas.


Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Marine Spatial Planning, Coastal areas, beach front, land and sea environment


Initially, the Marine Spatial Planning was emerged by the UNESCO’S where the first international workshop on Marine Spatial Planning was conducted [4]. The author has given many examples in describing the scope of the MSP, in regarding with the relationship with ecosystems and activities located in the emerged part of the coastal areas [5]. The importance of the coastal zone management can be elaborated by the concept of sustainability about how the living systems remnants for production [6]. The concept of management system is well defined by the author in the article by distinguishing between the coastal terrestrial areas and coastal marine waters [7-11]. Coastal zone management involves the various techniques of managing areas like the human health and activities, balancing environmental hazards etc. The management plans for the highest usage of the resources which confers in both the developed and developing countries is one of the best way to approach the human and natural resources.

Due to lack of appropriate guidelines for the utilization and conversation of the natural resources the coastal areas [12-14] reflects into the major conflicts. Issues emerge with the differing qualities of highlights present on the coast and the spatial sizes of the cooperating frameworks. Coasts being element in nature are impacted contrastingly all around the globe. Impacts, for example, stream frameworks, may reach far inland expanding the many-sided quality and size of the zone. These issues make it hard to obviously distinguish hinterlands and subscribe any consequent administration. Whilst recognizing a physical waterfront zone, the consideration of biological systems, assets and human action inside of the zone is essential. It is the human exercises that warrant administration. These exercises are in charge of upsetting the characteristic beachfront frameworks. To add to the unpredictability of this zone, authoritative limits use self-assertive lines that dismember the zone, regularly prompting divided administration. This sectored methodology concentrates on particular exercises, for example, area utilization and fisheries, regularly prompting unfavorable impacts in another part. Significant requirements of ICZM are basically institutional, as opposed to technological. The 'top-down' methodology of managerial choice making sees problematisation as a device advancing ICZM through the thought of sustainability. Community-based 'base up' methodologies can see issues and issues that are particular to a neighborhood. The advantage of this is that the issues are genuine and recognized instead of scanned for to fit a forced procedure or approach. Open meeting and inclusion is essential for current 'top-down' methodologies, as it can consolidate this 'base up' thought into the strategies made. Prescriptive 'top-down' systems have not ready to adequately address issues of asset usage in poor beachfront groups as impression of the seaside zone contrast as to create and creating nations.


Hence, the term integrated coastal zone management refers in horizontal and also in vertical aspects which improves the intricacy of the work and also proves the challenge to implement [15,16]. Thus, the successful implementation of the idea of ICZM and MSP are still needed and are necessary in making both terrestrial and the marine components of the coastal zone a better approach in the future decades [17]. The increase in the coastal economy can be well and effectively approached by the preserving and protecting of the coastal resources. The Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) confesses to be a key element for the continual development of the coastal zones [18-20]. The endeavor at ICZM is still in its initial days running into numerous authoritative obstacles and is yet to accomplish a completely biological systems based methodology. In any case, as a major aspect of ICZM, assessment and appropriation of changes is critical and progressing changes to the ICZM as surveys is as of now happening [21-23]. This will give a fabulous venturing stone to future activities and the advancement of a completely incorporated type of seaside administration. Administration must grasp a comprehensive perspective of the capacities that cosmetics the mind boggling and element nature of co-operations in the seaside environment [24,25]. Management structure must be connected to a characterized geological utmost and ought to work with an abnormal state of integration. Due to the assorted way of the world's coastline [25-32] and beachfront situations, it is unrealistic to make a system that is 'one-size-fits-every.' Different activities, intrigues and issues additionally confound matters. So administration will dependably be exceptional to nations, districts and eventually on a nearby scale.


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