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Long term Conservation need for Various Wild Animal Species and their Habitats

Vibhuti R*

M & N. Virani Science College, Saurashtra University, Rajkot 360005,Gujarat State, India

*Corresponding Author:
Vibhuti R Ph.D
Research Scholar, M & N. Virani Science College
Saurashtra University, Rajkot 360005,Gujarat State, India

Received Date: 26/05/ 2016; Accepted Date: 01/06/ 2016; Published Date: 05/06/2016

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As a base of conservation of biodiversity the scientific research work is necessary with various aspects. To publish any scientific research work in any scientific peer reviewed journal with a good impact factor is necessity. To provide that valuable platform for sharing scientific research information I strongly opine that “The Journal of Ecology and Environmental sciences” becomes a key resource in near future. This journal is providing an easy and free online access to various scientific research articles and review articles towards variety of readers all around the world. In that way it creates a global platform for sharing the needful scientific information within young researchers, scientists and many more different readers.

For the long term conservation management of any ecosystems requires the scientific study on ecological and environmental issues focusing on any of the species in any region. In that way this journal provide a broad approach through various interdisciplinary science as like applied ecology, Animal ecology, Biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration, Landscape/ habitat management, Invasive species management, behavior ecology, marine ecology and evolutionary aspects.

This journal is mainly addressing the various environmental issues of species conservation, coexistence of various species within human dominated areas, pest management and waste management through a scientific way of research. It also aids the youth awareness towards environmental sciences. This journal is also providing the source of recent advances in the field of applied research science. Thus it’s contributing valuable inputs in conservation of biodiversity and habitats. It is an imperative as well as quality evaluating journal as its manuscripts are reviewed by the experts of the specific research field. The availability of printed as well as electronic or online publication makes it easily accessible for various authors. The concise selection preference and authenticate documentation of article leads to time saving and worth full drafting of manuscript to authors. The international contribution of various articles in the journal makes it one of the best global scientific resources of valuable research.

The current scenario of growing human population and dominancy indicating as an alarming call to achieve conserve goal of biodiversity and their habitats globally. This often leads to some socio-economic issues, habitat encroachment and ultimately human wild animal conflicts. To handle this issues the interdisciplinary scientific approach is needed and this is found in the form of this journal addressing various environmental aspects. For the management of any ecosystems within their live form the only coexistence model is required for long term conservation as well as maintaining quality of environment. To achieve the long term conservation goal for needful species is only possible by sharing the valuable research works within Youth, researchers, scientist, non-profit organizations and various conservation agency leaders through this kind of journal.

This journal provides important platform to various readers and make them to act prior for the conservation of ecology and environment. In the field of ecology and environment management collaborative work support by various scientist, researchers, NGOs and various local communities are essential to achieve conservation goal. Recent times the needs of identifying authenticate and valid manuscript should be depends on the reviewers of the particular journal which affects the quality of that journal which best fits to the journal of ecology and environment sciences. The interdisciplinary approach of wildlife science interacting with the environment plays significant role to develop and understands various ecosystems and supporting biodiversity life history event to conserve them for a long term.

In this the various faunal community dependencies on the resources within the habitats gives a scientific relationship as well as to understand their behavioral alteration with response to various resources and habitats change provides beneficial outputs for the conservation management. In the any healthy ecosystem various community populations maintained by various natural processes and any drastic change in that or any disturbances in that leads a major problem interacting with all living things either directly or indirectly. In that human plays intermediate role for causing both positive and negative impact within field of ecology as well as environmental sciences. The anthropogenic pressure in any ecosystem may cause lot of disturbances and alteration in that which impacts adversely on biodiversity within that particular region. To manage and recover this kind of issues regarding ecology and environmental sciences the valuable inputs of quality based journal like the journal of ecology and environmental sciences is precious. In that way the quality of manuscript by various researchers also improved through the filtration process of reviewing by expertise of specific discipline and that is the baseline aspect for this journal. By means of publishing various valid works of research the goal of conservation for both as ecology level and environmental level to be achieved globally. There are so many issues arising through various region of the world which directly interacts with ecological and environmental aspects to deal with that the global collaboration of research outputs requires. In wildlife specifically in the field of conflict addressing issues the severity as well as the scientific approach is need to be understand and accordingly the coexistence model or policies are to be develops. The local people, NGOs and various community linked conservation efforts proves maximum success leading approach in global long term conservation. For providing interlinked aspects in socio-economic science provides worthy outcome through this journal. The finest aspect of this journal of interdisciplinary research work inputs through various branches of sciences leading to address the ecological and environmental issues to attain conservation management goal.

In this journal the special emphasis is also given to the environmental sciences regarding issues such as environmental pollution, conservation resource management, sustainable development, industrial waste management, solid waste management and introducing recycling process for that. The main outcome of this environmental issue management is to improve quality of lifestyle by developing eco-friendly attitude towards the use of various appliances which is friendlier with environment in terms of maintaining the healthy environment. I am glad and conceited to be associated with this journal and render my valuable services to the best of my knowledge and abilities. I am very much fascinating to work within this field for the betterment of living things within natural environment to attain long term conservation goal through association with this journal of research and reviews in ecology and environmental sciences.