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Positivism and Positivity Perspective in Diversity Democracy

Meseret Bekele Gelaye*

Department of Demography, Adama Science and Technology University, Oromia, Ethiopia

*Corresponding Author:

Meseret Bekele Gelaye
Department of Demography, Adama Science and Technology University, Oromia, Ethiopia

Received date: 01/07/2021; Accepted date:15/07/2021; Published date: 22/07/2021

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Positivism in relation to positivity and positive attitude development and targeting promoting and enhancing positive outlook towards any diversity, diverse identity as if also among the diverse communities usually couple with the consideration of reality and ways of livelihood leading as if mandatory in the area of diversity democracy. For the implementation of various accomplishments of diversity democracy as well to achieve the targeting final goal of the same politicoeconomic philosophy of ensuring positivity and positivism inclusively in all dimensions with regard to existing institutions as if obliged. For such case, this study tried to highlight about four elements of perspectives usually among the two are newly developed as also among the objective of this study beyond expected discussion and analysis of the already developed positivity and positivism perspective developing additional similar perspective for the area under study also taking into consideration. With this regard, among the four elements of perspectives Sociopositivism and Identitypositivism are the newly developed where as other two perspectives treated with in this study including Politicopositivism and Econopositivism are among already developed earlier before by the same author. At the end all the newly developed and others included with in the paper for the same aim of including into positivism perspectives in the area of social study usually well justified to make each to be used in diversity democracy to be consideration giving during implementation of the phases of the same philosophy as well for the fully realization as if the contribution of each also unquestionable.


Compressive strength; Compressive members; Yield stress; Buckling; Buckling stress; Design strength


With such issue of positivism in the area of social study perspective, building positive attitude towards diversity and diverse identity in inclusive way that constitutes all dimensions such as social, economic, political as well as other additional aspects diversity and heterogeneity including the indigenously practiced among diverse having communities exist across the globe regardless any variety and geographical location must be consideration given. This essentially taking into account as the case essential important in guiding in the way diversity democracy could handling those diversity, diverse identity as well as indigenously exist reality among the known community to be positively seen and become positive towards each other not only as the community and communal level but also at individual level exist heterogeneity [1].

This must be issued while the case of recognition, protection as well as protection taking place as if also alongside to each other with phases of implementation in diversity democracy. In such sense, diversity democracy is the way targeting lastly building positivity and positive attitude towards diversity, diverse identity as well as among diverse having communities elsewhere exist for the purpose of more interconnection, intercommunication, interaction as well as mutual contributing for self and others without consideration taken the one as if ours/mine and the other as yours/theirs. In such a way what is consideration taken according to the philosophical perspective of diversity democracy is that positive attitude and positivity development is essential. For the same purpose this paper come up with other additional perspectives that largely related to positivity building in different dimensions that attached to both the communal and individual livelihood as the way such livelihood leading taking into consideration with positive outlook development among diversity of any kind as if communal or individual(Ibid). The way positivity as if built usually related to social aspect as if called Sociopositivism, political aspect as if already developed among the phases of diversity democracy as if called Politicopositivism, economic aspect already developed called Econopositivism as if might also consideration taken Identitypositivism as the last taking into consideration positivism perspective within the implementation of diversity democracy [2]. With such components of positivism perspective of diversity democracy, this study has been conducted with the following objectives as:

  • To develop additional positivism perspectives in the area of diversity and diverse identity
  • To give conceptual meaning for the developed perspective in the area of positivism perspective
  • To give justification to philosophize the perspectives already developed in the same study

Result and Discussion

Overview on positivism

Positivity building as well as positive attitude development towards diversity and diverse identity of any kind as well as among diverse communities else exist usually the major target as also major component and fundamental assumption of diversity democracy. In such a way as a political ideology, positivity and positivism in social study mainly issues positive attitude acquiring and having towards self and others. In that case finally consideration taken as all belongs to one and diversity of any kind as if also considered as parts and parcel of the whole and that should be well treated and well recognized as the more become functional in appropriate way while the parts functioned well as the parts can affect the existence situation of the whole as the whole also must work towards for the well-functioning of all parts in equal and appropriately handling manner. For such, the whole must be consideration taken for all parts as if all parts should respect each other be give guarantee for each other working positively for the existence of other in the same way with working for the existence of self as if self-centered should be ignored. As to such positive attitude having as if the most important components that usually initiate taking as to the issue related to more equally working for the functioning of the whole parts as such positivism perspective that handled all round positivity and positive outlook building usually must be consideration taken [3].

With this regard, positivism has its own components as such sociopositivism for the area of social aspect, Econopositivism for the sake of the area of economic aspect that belongs to diverse communities across the globe as well Politicopositivism as if component of positivism for the area of political aspect as also additionally identitypositivism to take into consideration other all diversity and diverse identity as all realities among the known communities up to individual level should included as a social study perspectives. At below the aforementioned positivism and positivity perspectives have been treated.


As to this perspective it states that positivity building and acquiring positive outlook towards any social aspect as among the identity belongs to any consideration taken community. In other words positivity towards any social issue is consideration taken. That means positivism attitude having and promoting towards any and all heterogeneous social aspects and norms of livelihood leading as if likely consideration taken. Positivity towards self as if towards others by considering ours and self-mentioning usually among the fundamental assumption of this school of thought. As other than ours and theirs as if self and ours usually the element that taking consider according to this school of thought.

That is to mean self-consideration and ours consideration usually self as if among the elements of ours as the case variety still exist and consideration taken but self and ours shorten the distance of the consideration of ours and theirs or self or yours as if weaken the rigid demarked boundary while consideration taken as ours and their or yours indication that distancing the variety as more difference indication as if also demarking boundary based on rigidity and such distancing and rigid based boundary demarcation between diversity and any social instances might lead to unity destruction, weakening the strength and even its consequences towards instigating conflict among those diverse having in social then followed by other context of distancing and lack of mutual understanding each other among as if intense likely to hampered various diverse issues and elements across the globe among diverse and diverse social norm having regardless of geographical variety elsewhere across the globe. So therefore, positivity become the most important solution for such destructive norms of rigid boundary in line with social issue variety and diversity.

As to such, the assumption of this school of thought might not be realized overnight or with in the short period of time and might takes short or long period of time based on the conscious and awareness as well literacy issue of the mass as well as the rigidity and flexibility exist among the regime holding groups of the respective government of those countries across the globe.

Level of self consciousness also among the major factor that lead to the realization partially or fully within the context of the level of others also as usually consideration taken. In such a way the advocators and proponents of Sociopositivism perspective are called Sociopositivists Sociopositivism perspective are called Sociopositivists.


Alongside with this, Sociopositivism for the sake of consideration as well recognition giving and tolerance build up among the communities inclusive political aspect that targets to stress on positivity with positive attitude taking into consideration in good governance as if Politicopositivism is essential. In other words, for the realization of all round positivism and positive attitude acquiring and making to acquire as if Politicopositivism is among the required elements as the perspective. In such case to give more protectional delivery with positive attitude among the politicians and political elites running the governance of respective countries as if not only developing and building positive outlook but also enhancing and advancing such attitude of positivity become the most important ideal taking into consideration.

This simply towards the required realization towards the political interaction and interconnection more across the globe must be worked on both by national government entities as well as international communities with regard to the facilitation issue of the so called positive attitudinal development. As such Politicopositivism as another element of positivism school of thought usually taking consideration as such issue in political aspect to fully realize the positivism development project through education and other appropriate means without using coercive method to aware those diverse groups of communities.

As to such Politicopositivism likely state to mention its political intervention issue to not only to be realized but also to state and work on or as a awareness creation program to usually handled well across the globe lastly without requiring other third party such as political government of the national government as well as other all diversity having community as well as individuals developing level positivism building and attitude outlook enhancing targeting to work for each other for more security to make securing each other by all diverse having entities not only at commonly level but also at individual level [4].

With regard, taking into consideration indigenously exist administrative elements with in the case of positive outlook towards such indigenously exist entities as well towards the practitioners and by the practitioners also among the elements that has been consideration taken. The advocators and proponents are called Politicopositivists.


The other important positivism and positivity perspective that to be consideration taken in diversity democracy is Econopositivism. Econopositivism stresses among such as if positivity having and building the same outlook towards any economic engagement and mode of production that exist among various localities and among communities exist across the globe without any discrimination. If the case is included into positivism aspect including into the issue of political aspect and giving protection to not be hampered and having positive outlook by all practitioners of the area as if including individual based consideration elsewhere as if mandatory This is obliged as the case very important to make more advancing the same or different category of the recognized economic aspect of any kind.

After recognition issue is realized positivity and having positive outlook towards as if mandatory for the purpose more advancing and promoting. As to such specially positivity building or developing positive attitude towards all cultural and indigenously exist foodstuff across the globe among the known communities as if individual invention and innovational act specially that consideration taken the mentioned foodstuff and related consideration to make more innovative act coming up with but issues for utilization of such innovation act with the requirement mentioning of issues of elements of quality must be taking care with appropriate measurement as if of the foodstuff but issues of the indigenously exist edible foodstuff elsewhere across the globe simply adopting the procedure from those communities indigenous practicing it or elsewhere exist practitioners as if consideration taken for such Econopositivism as if must be consideration. But also not also positive attitudinal development but also making those indigenously producing community up to individual community members both at the aggregate level as well as at individual level of those members of the community indigenously practicing such Econopositivism aspect of the edible foodstuff.

As if for human being and beyond taking consideration must with taking care or caution. In this case up to individual level making awareness creation and making on such promoting of the foodstuff means more advantage bearing for those indigenously practicing as well as the probability of advancing and modernizing such as if consideration taken with caution as if with the consent of the those communities as well individual known among the community with such knowledge as if both modern education and informal education of the case of communal socialization must be consideration taken. With this regard, positive outlook towards career, proficiency, actions of any art, inventions and innovations should consideration given and making advantageous of the professionals in line with their contribution in the area of their proficiency as with positive outlook towards the contribution. In relation to such positivism perspective, the advocators of such perspective exclusively called Econopositivists.


This inclusively positive and positive attitude mentioning towards all diverse identity of any kind including both at the communal as well as individual based exist. However more importantly taking into consideration tall identity that categorized under social aspect as well as that belongs to any community that the community largely given consideration and uphold for centuries that usually including into the way the respective community including into the way successfully leading livelihood. For the same consideration including within Sociopositivism as if possible but for more emphasize delivery separately consideration giving usually possible. The proponents and advocators of the perspective area known to be identitypositivist [5].


For the aim of more interaction with positive attitude and to work on for the realization of the same appropriate outlook in diversity democracy and other similar appropriate diversity taking hold political philosophy, about four outlook based positivity mentioning perspectives are well treated. With this regard, Sociopositivism, Politcopositivism, Econopositivism as well as identitypositivism are the well treated as positivism perspectives. This all are their own fundamental assumptions and ideals.