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A Brief Note on Case Studies of Educational Practices


After momentarily depicting contextual analysis approach by and large, various methods of grouping various kinds of contextual investigations are recognized and talked about, including positivistic, interpretive and basic request directions. Utilizing this last structure, various ways to deal with contextual investigation research are analysed in regards to their various presumptions about how cases may illuminate or change practice. The paper then, at that point centres on what sorts of information or understandings can be developed, and in what ways, from cases by peruses and members. The writer contends that various sorts of cases might assist the peruse with creating various types of information (for example propositional, experiential and viable), gave the case empowers peruses to make significant associations (for example logically, experientially, for all intents and purposes, by and by) and assists them with elucidating unsaid understandings about instructive practices, re-examine existing understandings or offer additional opportunities for comprehension or activity

Nair Balchandra*

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