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2018: Volume 4, Issue 2
Review Article:  RRJES
Level of Knowledge Management of the Faculty of Education of Sohag using Arthur Anders (KMAT)
Antar Mohamed Ahmed Abdul-Aal
Research Article:  RRJES
Challenges of Teaching Citizenship Education Topics at Senior Secondary School Level in Botswana
Reginald Oats
2018: Volume 4, Issue 3
Research Article:  RRJES
Participatory Action Research To Promote Educational Quality: A Literature Review
Zahra Sokhanvar and Keyvan Salehi
Review Article:  RRJES
Students Becoming their Own Best Assessors
Dr Razia Fakir Mohammad
Research Article:  RRJES
Approaching Connectivity with Professional Journey
Dr Razia Fakir Mohammad
Research Article:  RRJES
English As A Global Language: Empirical Study on Japanese University Students In Kansai.
Chia-Jung WU
Research Article:  RRJES
Emerging Regions Students First Year Experience at Addis Ababa University
Tesfamariam Shimekit
2018: Volume 4, Issue 4
Perspective Article:  RRJES
Early Education and Kindergarten
Zubi Rizvi
Research Article:  RRJES
Are Social Work College Students Entering the Workforce with Enough Technology Skills to Meet the Needs of Agencies?
Brendan G. Beal
2019: Volume 5, Issue 4
Review Article:  RRJES
Application of Manpower Requirement Approach to Educational Planning in Developing Countries
Wafula Samuel Mabele
2019: Volume 5, Issue 3
Review Article:  RRJES
Enhancing Cultural Capability as a Graduate Attribute at the University of Tasmania
Clair Andersen
2020: Volume 6, Issue 2
Research Article:  RRJES
Teaching and Learning of Comprehensions for English First Additional Language During Work-Integrated Learning
  Moeketsi Elias Dlamini
Editor Note:  RRJES
Recent Trends in Educational Development
  Dr. Sheetal Malhan    
Mini Review:  RRJES
Goals of Educational Leadership
 Prasanna K
Mini Review:  RRJES
Development of Educational psychology
 Mheshwari M
Mini Review:  RRJES
Development of New Educational Policy
2019: Volume 5, Issue 1
Review Article:  RRJES
How Language Promotes Human Cognition-A Study Based on the Work of Andy Clark on the Extended Mind
Keyu Zhai and Xing Gao
2019: Volume 5, Issue 2
Research Article:  RRJES
The Trajectories of Teachers Performance Evaluation in High Schools
Dimtsu Abraha and Amare Sahle