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A Comprehensive Review on Pogostemon benghalensis (Burm. F.) O. Kuntze


Pogostemon benghalensis (Burm. F.) O. Ktze is an important aromatic herb. The tribal use it’s flowers, leaves, roots and shoots. All the parts of the plant namely root, leaves, shoots, stem and bark are used as medicine, neutraceutical, manure for paddy crops and miscellaneous purpose such as scenting woolens, wardrobes, to keep off moths, etc. Leaves and flowers are made into garlands and chaplets. The leaves are used to distil patchouli oil or Dilem oil which has an odour reminiscent of cedar wood. The oil is used as a stimulant and styptic. Since the ancient time plant is being used as medicines, agrochemicals and pharmaceutical by large number of tribal and rural people. Almost all parts of the plant are helpful to treat different kinds of aliments; very few of these claims have been reported and scientifically studied. These observations are striking for further studies on modern scientific lines.

Shigwan Ashwini V, Khade Amol B, Hatpakki Basawaraj C, and Ghurghure Shrishail M

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