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A Novel combination of Flavonoids and phytochemotherapy for the treatment of Vitiligo


Vitiligo is one of the prominent skin disorder mainly caused due to the deficiency of the pigment melanin in our body. Though various treatment methods are available, most of them are lacking to show the therapeutic efficacy up to the mark. So, in this proposed work we tried to implement the use of the flavonoid as an adjuvant with the phytochemotherapy for the treatment of Vitiligo. For this purpose we employed the use of the flavonoid Hesperidin. It is used as a natural ingredient which is used as a novel combination loaded in lipid based Nano emulsion gel. This strategy employed can lessen the exposure time for the UVA therapy and UV radiation in psoralen. Vitiligo was induced in C57BL/6 mice with the help of Monobenzone and treated using our prepared formulation. The Nano emulsion gel formulated was prepared and then characterisation studies were carried out. In vivo studies were carried out in the animal model after the induction of Vitiligo. It was proved that our prepared formulation is supporting with the regimentation. Hence from the evidence from the reports it is proven that the use of the hespiridine with the phytochemotherapy is effective for the treatment of vitiligo.

 R.Suresh Kumar

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