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A Potential Application of Algae as a Complementary/Integrative Therapy in Veterinary Medicine


Although the nutritional and medicinal properties of algae have been studied for the last several decades, its value in veterinary medicine is widely unknown. Algae are found in fresh water, saltwater and soil, and they are rich in diversity. It has been shown that algae contain various nutrients that are beneficial for human and animal health as well as food/feed industries. Alga’s whole bodies, their extract, and bioactive molecules purified from algae have shown medicinal properties that are potentially beneficial for animal health, however, the usage of algae is still in confusions. In this minireview, potential applications of algae in veterinary medicine and its nutritional value for domestic animals are discussed. In addition, the possible existence of novel immune modulative materials in cell wall membrane of Chlorella sorokiniana will be discussed based on our recent discovery.

Masaaki Tamura, Susumu Ishiguro

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