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A Review on Emulgel: As a Novel Topical Drug Delivery System


Emulgel is Topical preparation Prepared by the combination of emulsion and gel. Emulgel is considered as the one of the most important topical delivery system because it consists of two release control system i.e., gel and emulsion. Emulgels are generally free of serious side effects. The Primary Intention of this New topical Delivery System is to deliver the Hydrophobic drugs into systemic circulation through Skin. Generally emulgel is formed when emulsion is incorporated into gel base. By applying suitable statistical design different grades of emulgel is prepared. There are various favorable properties like be being thixotropic, emollient, greaseless, easily spreadable, easily removable, water-soluble, longer shelf life, non-staining, bio-friendly, transparent and pleasing appearance. Several penetration enhancers can potentiate the effect. So that emulgel is considered as the most conventional systems available in market over other topical drug delivery systems.

Prahudas Papagari, Anie Vijetha

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