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A Review on Pharmacosomes.


Various types of lipid based vesicular system have been developed in controlled and targeted drug delivery system. One of the most recent advancements in the domain of solubility enhancement lead to the development of pharmacosomes, a novel lipid based drug delivery system. Pharmacosomes are amphiphilic lipid vesicular systems that have shown their potential in improving the bio- availability of poorly water soluble as well as poorly lipophilic drugs. They provide an efficient method for delivery of drug directly to the site of infection, leading to reduction of drug toxicity with no adverse effects and also reduces the cost of therapy by imparting better biopharmaceutical properties to the drug, resulting in improved bioavailability, especially in case of poorly soluble drugs. Pharmacosomes impart better biopharmaceutical properties to the drug resulting into improved bioavailability. The pharmacosomes show greater shelf stability, facilitated transport across the cornea, and a controlled release profile Pharmacosomes have been prepared for various non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, proteins, cardiovascular and antineoplastic drugs. They are amphiphilic phospholipids complexes of drugs bearing active hydrogen that bind to phospholipids.

Sonam Ranga, Amit Kumar

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