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A Surgical Procedure for Re-Implanting a Tooth that has been Rendered Hopeless because of Periodontitis: A Case Report


The effective replantation of periodontal involved incisors that were previously considered hopeless. After endodontic repairs and manipulations, teeth were purposely removed from the socket and reinserted. The patient was examined for three months after the implant. Surgical drilling was performed to rebuild a periodontal deficient socket, which was followed by Tetracycline-HCI conditioning, bone grafting, and periodontal preservation. The tooth's radiographic scan revealed no signs of pathosis. On probing for periodontal health, no bleeding was noticed, and no problematic pockets were discovered. In some cases, purposeful replantation may be beneficial in preserving the native dentition. When periodontally affected teeth have a poor or dismal prognosis, purposeful tooth reimplantation may be an alternative therapeutic option.

Gaurav Singh*, Chauhan Shailendra, Nagpal Ajay, Sinha Aditya, Sharma Satendra, kaul Prakriti

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