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Activity Patterns of Black-and-White Colobus Monkey (Colobus guereza caudatus) in Rau Forest Reserve, Tanzania


This study on black-and-white colobus monkey (Colobus guereza caudatus) was conducted in Rau Forest Reserve, Moshi, Tanzania investigating overall activities and activity across age and sex groups. We used scan sampling to record overall activities. We used focal animal sampling to record activities across age and sex groups. Black-and-white colobus monkeys in Rau Forest Reserve spent much time resting (57.7%), followed by feeding (27.7%) and less time on moving (10.8%) and social activities contribute only (3.8%). Across age groups, adults spent 60.7% of their time resting while juveniles and infants spent only 50% and 46.1% respectively. Furthermore, adults spent 21% of their time feeding, followed by juveniles 27.9% and infants 16.9%. Movements were more similar across ages (10.5-13.1%). Time engaged in social activities varied strongly among ages (adults 7.8%, juveniles 10.8%, and infants 23.8%). Sexes differed slightly in their activities, most notably with females spending almost twice as much time in social activities as males (8.0% vs. 4.3%). This difference seems to be dictated by the availability of social partners. Resting time in colobus monkeys is a strategy for energy conservation, although socialization is also particularly important for infants. The study provides baseline information for the conservation of black-andwhite colobus monkey in Rau Forest Reserve since little is known and the species is locally threatened.

Abraham Eustace, Alex W Kisingo, Ladislaus W Kahana, Emmanuel H Lyimo

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