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Amphiphilic Drug Delivery System - Phytosomes


The term “phyto” means plant while “some” means cell-like. Phytosome is a novel drug delivery technique which contains phytoconstituents of herbal extracts. Preparation of phytosomes involve in the complexation between phyto-constituents and phospholipids especially with phosphotidylcholine which produces lipid stable molecular complexes. Phytosomes have water soluble inner layer and lipophilic outer layer. Phytosomes have high pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. They have improved bioavailability when compared to other conventional herbal extracts. They have valuable role in pharmaceutical industries. Phytosomes can be supplied as natural digestive aids as they acts as antioxidants, hepato-protective agents, anticancer agents and used as carriers for water soluble and lipid soluble nutrients.

Joshi Anand Tappeta, Sandhya Vangara, Vaishnavi Vetsa and Uppuluri Spandana*

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