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Approach Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Hydroxychavicol on Cancer Cells


Hydroxychavicol an chloroform extract is a fluid concentrate of Piper beetle leaves demonstrated inhibitory movement against oral pit pathogens. The motivation behind it is to uncover the conceivable impact of this plant in the improvement of remedially dynamic home grown medications. Piper betle Linn., generally known as the beetle vine is a vital therapeutic and recreational plant in Southeast Asia. Flute player betle is celebrated as evergreen and enduring plant that God outlined and have given the state of his own heart. Betle vines are one of the very explored plants and their phytochemical ponders demonstrate that Piper betle contains a wide assortment of naturally dynamic intensifies whose focus relies on upon the assortment of the plant, season and atmosphere

Jayashree Padhy, K Aruna Lakshmi

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