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Assessment of Groundwater Quality: A Case Study of Sierra Rutile Mining Communities Southern Sierra Leone


The study focused on the potential water sources and the quality of the available source. In order to determine water quality, two sample sites were selected in each of the three mining communities namely: Moriba town, Mogbwemo, and Kpetama. Groundwater was analyzed for the physicochemical and biological parameter. All the parameters were compared to the WHO standard. The water quality indicators were in good agreement for potable water with three exceptions namely; pH, turbidity, and nitrate which really needed attention. In the study area, most people prefer hand dug well for drinking and domestic purposes like cooking, laundering, bathing, house cleaning, ablution, and dishwashing. Apparently, the study area clearly shows that people have a concern about clean and safe drinking water. Many respondents do not drink from the artificial dam created by the company because they don’t trust the quality but it is used for other purposes.

Hadji DS Kallon and James Margai

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