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Assessment of Oued Seybouse Pollution by Anionic Surfactants and their Ecotoxicological Effects on the Freshwater Crustaceans Case of Daphnia magna


This study was conducted to assess both biological and chemical pollution of Oued Seybouse (Guelma). To achieve that, indicator bacteria of faecal pollution were isolated and counted and physico-chemical parameters of such watershed including anionic surfactants were measured. Also, acute toxicity of sodium dodecyl sulphate (as an ionic surfactant) was tested on Daphnia magna. According to our results, it was observed that: The values of physico-chemical parameters of pollution were not within the permissible limits as the concentrations of total phosphorus and nitrate exceeded 7 mg/l and 52 mg/l, respectively. The concentration of an anionic surfactant did not exceed the accepted norm but it showed toxic effect on aquatic organisms such as Daphnia magna especially after prolonged exposure to 0.750 mg/l. Regarding the bacterial load, it largely exceeded the accepted standards for the three types of bacteria which are indicators of fecal contamination. In conclusion, this pollution is a consequence of the solid and liquid wild discharges that have a direct and significant impact on the quality of water throughout Oued Seybouse.

Nabil Charchar

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