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Case Report Open Access

Assessment Problems during Face-to-face and Distance Learning


Much investigation and changes are needed to refine assessment systems. The purpose of the presented research was to investigate if students were satisfied with classroom or distant assessment and provide some recommendations on online assessments for both teachers and students. It was conducted at Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi (Georgia) in order to get some insight into students’ perspectives towards their assessment. Students' assessment is not a new phenomenon, universities have been evaluating students for nearly a hundred years for different purposes however the main function is to inform students about their achievements. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, higher education institutions have had to transit from the traditional form of teaching to the online teaching and learning format, which appeared to be a big challenge for the majority of them, both in terms of resources and practical experience.

Sophio Moralishvili*, Izolda Chkhobadze

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