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BIM-Enabled Energy Analysis for Sustainability: A Case Study of High Rise Building


The current works aim to investigate the energy performance of the building system at the planning stage for sustainable design. Building information modeling has been adopted to simulated a high rise multi-story building in a virtual environment. The Insight has been utilized to access the performance energy in terms of kWh/m2/yr. A case study of sixteen story building has been assessed at its current proposed location, which is at an angle of 370 from the centerline of the building along with the transverse axis and at true north. The study observed that the case resulted in an annual consumption of 282 kWh/m2/yr and 276 kWh/m2/yr, respectively. The study has highlighted that adopting virtual technology at design building can help to achieve the optimized sustainable design solutions by accessing energy requirements at the early stage of design inception

Irbaz Hasan, Syed Shujaa Safdar Gardezi, Usman Hussain

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